In Kawaii Islands, Order is one of the main features where players can collect in-game tokens (AIRI/KWT). Players will receive a list of orders from NPC clients at the Order Vending machine.
Order Vending machine
Each order will request a certain amount of furnishings that the client want to buy. Players will craft the requested items and deliver them to receive in-game tokens in return.
*Notes: Only players that own at least 1 Field, 1 Plant and 1 Creature can enable this Order feature.

Order generation system

Order UI for reference
The required type and quantity of items in each Order will be generated randomly based on the player’s Order Delivery process. The more orders you do, the tougher orders with higher requirements and better rewards will come. Players at higher level can open more Order slots (up to 3 slots at the moment).
If players do not have the required items, they can press the (+) button to view the item’s information and then press the button Craft to proceed crafting it in the Workshop.
The system will automatically pick the right blueprint type and size for that specific item, but players will have to select which materials and dyes they should fill in the empty slots to ensure getting the highest chance to obtain their wanted item. Hint: recommended color and material for the item will always be sorted first in line and highlighted as shown in the picture above.
*Notes: Order list will remain permanently until players complete or remove an order. Players can remove orders that they don’t want. After removing, there will be a cooldown time of 60 minutes before a new order appears.

Order Delivery

When an Order is ready, players can press the Deliver button. A Cargo ship will start shipping the items to the clients, and come back with rewards.
Orders will be shipped by "Cargo ship" and players can only deliver one Order at a time, and each delivery only takes 5-10s. A new order will appear 20 hours after completing an existing order.
After delivery complete, you can claim your Token and Exp rewards (the amount also base on each order requirements). Gas fee also applied when claiming rewards. Kawaii Islands does not charge this gas fee, all will be paid to the network provider (in BNB).
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