How to find the right furnishings on the marketplace?
Are you looking for a specific furnishing item to complete your Order, or just for collecting purpose? Are you having trouble trying to distinguish between various color versions of an item? Check out this guide below on how to find your desired furnishing efficiently!

Step 1: View the item's info in-game

Take note of the item's name and recommended dye color.
You can click the Dye icon to reveal its name.

Step 2: Go to the Marketplace and search for the item

Enter the item's name on the Search bar
Check item's details to see if it has exactly the same dye colors (especially recommended one)
*Notes: Make sure ALL the dye colors matched, not just the recommended color! For example if your item has 2 color dyes Brown and Yellow, while the one you find on marketplace has 2 color dyes Brown and White, or only has 1 color, then they are NOT the same item.
Last modified 1mo ago