How to play Kawaii Islands?

Home Isle
‌‌Kawaii Islands will release a web version first and mobile versions (Android and IOS) in later phases. The web play will be available on Kawaii Islands Official website this September. To login to the game, each player will need 1 Binance Smart Chain account and connect their MetaMask Wallet to the game to play. Kawaii Islands will expand and support other Wallets in the future.
‌With blockchain integration and play-to-earn mechanism, the gaming experience of Kawaii Islands will be different from your ordinary game play. For every transaction, one will need to sign and confirm to pay a fee before obtaining the purchased or crafted product. Note that both the temporary token AIRI and the official token, KWT (to be released this October) run on the BSC network. AIRI can be purchased from PancakeSwap. ‌

Experience an innovative NFTs Marketplace‌

Kawaii Islands will sell all essential game items as NFTs in our aiRight Exclusive Marketplace. All Kawaii Islands members will also have the chance to open their own business and trade or farm NFTs. All purchased items from the Marketplace will automatically appear in your in-game Silo and Storage and vice versa as you would also use your wallet address to log in to Kawaii Islands. This will ensure smooth transactions and easy stock control for our players. Airdrops winners will also be claimed on aiRight Marketplace and be sent directly to the winners' wallet.‌

Enjoy life on your own enchanted island and beyond‌

With Kawaii Islands play-to-earn mechanism, it will not just be any leisure game, each player will have the chance to practice their business mind and put the calculation skills to work and maximize their profit. As each plant and creature will require different input and produce different items, their owners will have to consider the amount of items they need to produce for orders.‌
‌The game flow will start from Farming, Crafting to Order/Quest function to create Decoration and Fashion items for Home Decorating and Character Styling along with other Social Networking Features.‌
‌Each player will start the game with planting Magical Plants on Fields, wait for the fruits to ripe and harvest them. These fruits will then be used to extract dyes or feed the Magical Creatures. To check out more detail on this feeding flow, players can read the gaming-items.
‌The precious eggs of the Magical Creature will be used to craft Materials and along with Item Blueprints, players will pay some fees with in-game tokens (AIRI for Alpha game and KWT from Beta game forward) to craft Decoration and Fashion items.
‌‌Right after farming and crafting experience, players will earn and save up the required items to join Home Decorating and Fashion Styling features. By delivering these orders or selling the redundant items, players will earn KWT token. Along with individual activities, Kawaii Islands also creates a virtual community for players with multiple social networking activities and Clan features to chat and help each other. Aiming to create a resourceful community that plays and earns together, the Club feature will enable several mini multiplayer games to connect and bond members. There will also be several Leaderboard and Clan features that allow players to participate and earn reward in the future updates.
‌Joining Kawaii Islands, one will enjoy a full experience set of becoming an inspiring entrepreneur and delightedly build their own home islands through all mentioned features. Join us and start your own business on
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