For Fields, Magical Plants and Creatures, there are several generations in game:
  • F0 : Origin NFTs, highest level of efficiency.
  • F1: Nurtured NFTs, nurtured from F0 with lower efficiency
  • F2: Fusion NFTs - not introduced yet
  • F3: Transient items, non NFTs with the lowest efficiency and limited lifespan
Only NFTs are tradable on the Marketplace.
2 months after its initial debut, Kawaii Islands introduced Nurturing system, allowing its players to run the NFT economy. From the initial supply of original (F0) essential NFTs (Fields, Magical Plants and Creatures), Kawaii Islands players can use the Nurture lab to nurture a new generation of essential Nurtured NFTs (F1). The new generation generate the same products as its origin generation, only with lower efficiency.
Transforming to Kawaiiverse, cross the free-to-play world, Kawaii Islands released Transient (F3) Generation - including your familiar gaming items: Field, Magical Plants and Magical Creatures in the form of non NFT items. Players can buy these items at the Farm Resources Menu by spending Silver. Transient (F3) generation generate the same products as its origin generation but with lower efficiency and have limited lifespan.

What is the difference between the Original NFTs, the Nurtured NFTs and Transient Items?

F0: Origin NFTs, capped number. The only generation that can be used in the Nurture Lab and have the highest efficiency. Origin NFTs are also the only generation that can be used in NFT farming. F1: Nurtured NFTs, can be produced in the Nurture Lab. Middle range efficiency. F3: Transient items, non NFTs and can't be traded for KWT on chain. Has limited lifespan and lowest efficiency.
  • Appearance: Original NFTs will have Origin Badge to separate them from other generations. To visually distinguish original, nurtured and transient items in game, the size of Original Fields, Plants & Creatures will appear to be slightly bigger and have different graphic compared to Nurtured and Transient ones.
Common vs Nurtured Common vs Transient Field
  • Productivity:
Nurtured Fields (F1) will no longer rot the fruits, they will just have lower % when it come to getting upgrade tools and no nurturing capability.
  • Lifespan: The Transient generation including Fields, Magical Plants and Magical Creatures will all have a limited lifespan. After 3 cycles, F3 plant begins to wilt. You can ask your friends to help you revise the plant one more time before it completely withers and needs to be removed. F3 fields and creatures' life will also expire after 3 cycles. One will need to spend energy to remove expired Plants and Fields.
Unexpired Creatures can be sold to earn Silvers.
The expired Creatures can also be released into the clouds to earn some Silvers.