Decorative Furniture (Decor Gacha)

Decorative Furniture are furnishings that are used to decorate your house. Being non-craftable, these items can only be obtained from Lady Narisaโ€™s Furnishing store. Players can enter the store via a shortcut at the bottom left of the home screen.

In the current version, the game offers over 5,000 furnishings in total, coming from the following 13 decoration themes:

These 13 themes can be unlocked from level 8-40 will be introduced gradually through the upcoming updates, starting with the first 4 themes. And we are not stopping with these themes, special themes will be time limited offering only during event periods.

In the Furnishing Store, furniture will be separated by theme, users can see each unlocked theme's full items list and the number of that theme's furniture they own. For each gacha draw turn, players can choose to draw 1 or a pack of 5 items from 10 available items in stock. The system will randomly draw these from the stock with different probability of items from XS to XL size, the bigger the item, the smaller chance you will get it. After all, Gacha is all about luck and may the odds be in your favor.

There is no limit on how many times a player can draw gacha a day and users can renew stocking items by spending silver up to 3 times. After this limit is used up, gems will be required if you want to renew stock gain.

Every 24 hours, the list of decor items in stock of all themes available will be renewed and users can check which items are in stock by clicking the theme's banner. In a later phase, players can unlock special rare items as a reward when collecting full themeโ€™s items.

The decorative decor stock has a limit of 300 items. This limit is due to api limit and will need some time to work on the upgrade. Decor Clean-up function is a temporary solution which supports players removing unwanted items and free their storage.

With our massive pool of decorative furnishing items, everyone can have countless ways to choose and arrange the furniture to express their exquisite style and show the world their decorating skill. There will be many activities and events for everyone to play, enjoy and earn from Kawaii Islands Home Decoration.

Packed Furnishing crafted from Silvers can not be used in Home Decoration feature.

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