Token purchase with MetaMask
You'll need to buy BNB/BUSD/USDT/... (BEP20, please be careful with this and DO NOT transfer to ERC20 or BEP2) first then swap to KWT/MILKY using the links below. You can add token by pasting the contract address and swap. note that you'll also need some small amount of BNB to pay for network fee.
- Step 1: Metamask installation
Set up BSC network in MetaMask (use the Mainnet part)
- Step 2: Topup Metamask wallet with BNB
- Step 3: Buy KWT/MILKY with BNB
KWT (BEP20) address: 0x257a8d1E03D17B8535a182301f15290F11674b53
Purchase KWT on PancakeSwap:
MILKY (BEP20) address: 0x19661223c71337121c58363152df8f35ee4be399
Purchase MILKY on PancakeSwap:
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