In-game currencies

One step further into the Kawaiiverse world, Kawaii Islands aim to create a new, high quality and sustainable playground for everyone else to join, play, create, connect and earn. To provide chances to bridge traditional players into our overall economy while avoiding possible off-chain attacks targeting MILKY, the completely off-chain Kcoins will be implemented into our system. In Kawaii Islands, the Kcoin in use will be the Silvers and Gems. Silvers are the normal gaming tool while Gems are the IAP currency which allow traditional players to join and participate in the game economy. To help players understand the new econ model, we came up with the following figure:
(Insert Kawaii Islands mobile game currency model map)

Silver - the gaming Kcoin of Kawaii Islands.

Silver is a pure gaming coin which is not convertible into any cryptocurrency.

Gem - the equivalent of MILKY for non-blockchain players.

Gem can be bought with fiat through IAP or with MILKY. Gems can not be converted to MILKY.