🏡The Central Town — Kawaii Islands and more

In the core of Kawaiiverse, we have the Community Isle, which convey the ultimate meaning of our vision in building a greater community. Community Isle will be the central area where our Kawaiians hang out in their free time, join special events and interact with each other as well as businesses that joined our Metaverse.

The Community Isle will be the wonderland for players to join and communicate with each other, expanding our e-social interaction with people who share the same interest. Being the heart of our community, the Community Island is located in the center of a KWT shaped region and surrounded by 4 Kawaii Hometown archipelagos: Nyow Terrain, Springdew Valley, Mecha Plains and Diamond Harbor.

These Hometown archipelagos will be the gateway to our core game, Kawaii Islands, where our Kawaiians build their home and produce essential materials for Kawaiiverse. Each residential area in the Hometown reign represents a unique group of Kawaiians with different styles and hobbies. There is a total of 31,415 residential islands in Kawaiiverse, locating all over the 4 main archipelagos. Each island will be a unique NFT with special rights and perks in Kawaiiverse. Now, let’s zoom in at each of the archipelagos:

Nyow Terrain — The town of Animal lovers: Located in the north of the Kawaiiverse with diverse topography, this archipelago is ideal for various magical creatures to dwell in. As a result, residents of this region are experts in taking care of their magical companions.

Springdew Valley — The land of the green panthers: Also known as the islands of eternal spring, this green land is blessed with perfect weather to cultivate magical plants all year round. The most renowned botanists reside here and spread their knowledge to cultivate the plants in the most efficient way to the entire region.

Mecha Plains — Mechanics’ dream town: The harsh nature and inclement climate turn this region into the dwelling of only the most resourceful people. Inhabitants of this archipelago are famous for their skills in creative engineering and manufacturing.

Diamond Harbor — Business center for entrepreneurs: Home of the most prestigious, wealthy merchants with brilliant business strategies. Economy & trading center of Kawaii Hometown.

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