Off-chain House

New offchain options - More players can now play Home Decoration

Kawaii Islands is excited to introduce our community to a new type of House, with the purpose to serve a wider base of players, making Home Decoration more accessible to everyone.

With the launch of โ€œfree-to-play" mode, more and more traditional players are joining Kawaii Islands and building a stronger community. However, the current villa has its requirement and only a small group of players can access. Following the community requests, the new House is now getting ready to launch with 2 options and can be easily purchased with Silver or Gem. The little thatched cottage will be the smallest house in Kawaii Islands and can be bought with Silvers. The 2 story thatched cottage will be the middle option with 2 rooms while the Villa will be the most prestigious option with 3 rooms.

Owning a cute and cozy house not only makes your island more lively but also is the door to enter a new experience in game - Home Decoration. Players can decorate their own house in creative ways with our massive pool of decorative furnishing items, express their lifestyle and show the world their distinctive vibe. Although the new cottages might not be as lavish as the Villas, they will be the starting point for new players who want to experience the features.

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