In the magical world of Kawaii Islands, the first fundamental element is the field as they are the incubator of the Magical Plants, growing fruits to feed the Magical Creatures and Dyes. Trying to build a strong business with Kawaii Islands, fields are definitely the first item to start with.
The most basic form of field in Kawaii Islands is the Common Field. Each field can grow 1 Magical Plant at a time. Fields can be placed anywhere within the farming area next to the Silo (second terrace platform of the Home isle).
Original Common Field
The default number of fields in each account will be 0. Players can purchase Transient Fields using Silver in game or purchase NFT fields from the official Marketplace. NFT Fields are tradeable using $KWT Token. Once purchased, these NFT fields will be sent to your BSC/Kawaiiverse Wallet address and show up on your Farm Resource.
Farm Resources button
There will be a limit on how many fields can be placed based on your account level. The higher one goes, the more fields they can place to expand their business. This mechanism will help add some fairness to all players.
Currently, Kawaii Islands has 4 types of Fields: Original Common Field, Nurtured Common Field, Transient Field and Grass Field. Grass Fields are NFTs limited to around 600 pieces, with the boost power of harvesting 10% faster than other fields.
Grass field
In later version, Kawaii Islands will also introduce other rare Field types with special features that can elevate your on-chain business. Stay tuned for the exciting updates!