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Kawaii Islands, or any other games in Kawaiiverse will apply the model economy with 3 main currencies:

The Governance token - KWT

KWT remains as the governance token, owns Voting power in DAO, and is used on our Marketplace for essential NFTs (Fields, Magical Plants and Creatures, Islands,โ€ฆ).

KWT Price feed: https://t.me/KWTPriceFeed

The Reward token - MILKY

MILKY stays as the utility (in-game fees for additional features) and the earning token. MILKY will no longer be minted from the system to send out order rewards, the rewards will be from players' spending, IAP (in-app purchases from traditional players) used to buy back MILKY along with the initial $200,000 MILKY buyback sponsor from the team.

MILKY Price feed: https://t.me/KawaiiMILKYPriceFeed

The Gaming coins - Kcoins

  • K-coins are the Off-chain gaming coins for each individual game. (Each game will have its own in-game coin). These K-coins are locked and can only be used in each specific game. All players, old and new will be provided with a small amount of tokens to start playing, the token will let people buy off-chain fields, plants, and creatures (lower efficiency than NFTs and carry expiration time) to farm and craft items and earn points to join the leaderboards.

In Kawaii Islands, the Kcoins are Silver (Gaming currency) and GEM (the MILKY equivalent for traditional gamers that are bought through IAP).

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