Decor Point system

Each furnishing item will come with a specific decor point based on type & size. When players finish arranging furnishings and save their room design, their Total decor point will be counted based on the furnishings theyโ€™ve placed inside the room.

Base decor points & max placement limit for each furnishing size & type will be calculated as below:

  • XS: 40 (max limit: 2000 points)

  • S: 80 (max limit: 2400 points)

  • M: 120 (max limit: 3000 points)

  • L: 240 (max limit: 3600 points)

  • XL: 320 (max limit: 3840 points)

  • Tile: 320

  • Wallpaper: 320

Decor point system has various purposes in game. It can be the sole criteria for some certain Decor Point contest, or the minimum requirement to join other Home Decoration related events in the future. We will also consider adding a feature where players can upgrade their crafted furnishing to further increase the itemโ€™s decor point if necessary.

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