[Updated on November 14, 2021 on token supply]

What is KWT Token?

KWT, or Kawaii Token, is the foundational token of Kawaii Islands, an anime metaverse that utilizes blockchain technology for realizing "Play, Connect, Create and Earn" vision.

KWT is currently running on BNB Chain and Kawaiiverse, under 2 contracts:

1. Utility

Kawaii Token is the governance token of Kawaiiverse, which is necessary in exchanging important gaming assets.

Trading token: KWT will be used in our Marketplace to purchase game items. This will be one of the two entry points to the blockchain game, along with Rental Marketplace on TRAVA.

Players need KWT to buy gaming NFTs or any materials from the Marketplace and pay other fees such as special event or premium features such as Home Decor, Nurturing, ...

They can exchange their game assets by selling their NFTs at aiRight Exclusive Marketplace for Kawaii Islands to get KWT tokens.

Special In-game Fees: KWT in some special cases. More details will be introduced gradually as new features come out.

2. Governance:

KWT holders have the right to participate in governing any policy decisions related to playing or spending within Kawaii Islands game in a DAO manner. Each proposal is raised via a voting interface in the game (coming soon) and only when the majority votes for its โ€œpassโ€, the policy is applied.

  1. Governance token of Kawaii Islands: DAO at

  2. Investing token: As MILKY will be the gaming token which absorbs fluctuation risks from players, investors who believe in the growth potential of Kawaii Islands will be able to invest in KWT.

  3. Share Revenue: As we announced, 20% of Marketplace profit will be shared to KWT holders on a bi-weekly basis, they will have to deposit their KWT into the pool to be captured. (More info at:

3. Farming:

KWT holders can earn KWT as rewards for their yield farming activities including providing liquidity or staking their KWT tokens.

Staking/Farming at:

For boost farming (stake NFT with KWT):

Kawaii Token Supply

  • The total supply of KWT is: 1,000,000,000

  • Initial Circulating supply at TGE is: 26,666,667 (2.67%)

  • Listing price is: $0.03

  • Initial Market Cap is: $800,000

  • Track the supply with our price feed bot:

Kawaii Token Allocation

The allocation of Kawaii token for different sections is as following:

  • Ecosystem: 16.0%

  • Marketing & Listing: 14.0%

  • Play-to-earn: 22.0%

( 19% burnt as MILKY replace KWT as Gaming token:

  • Staking (farming) rewards: 20.0%

  • Private sale: 10.0%

  • Advisor: 6.0%

  • Team: 12.0%

Kawaii Token release Schedule and Vesting Time

At TGE, 2.67% of total Kawaii Token will be released from Private sale and Marketing and Listing allocations. This includes a release of tokens from IDO allocation, which will be announced in detail soon.

Private sale allocation is released 5% at TGE, and vested in 1 year (linearly releasing block by block).

Team and advisor allocations are locked for 6 months, and are vested for 60 months.

Other allocations are all gradually released, and vested for 60 months.

Please check the following table for vesting schedule and the following figure for releasing schedule.

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