How to sell and buy NFTs

Kawaii Islands Marketplace for NFT trading is live on: https://marketplace.kawaii.global

From June 10th, 2022 Kawaii Islands Marketplace is running on both BNB Chain (with fee) and Kawaiiverse subnetwork (zero fee).

With the Alpha game in September, users wallets on Marketplace will be limited to hold a maximum of 50 fields, 50 plants and 50 creatures. As for materials, dyes, furnishings and fashion items, there is no limit.

Note: Users can get 0.4BNB Gas fee error when they keep buying over the above limit.


The Dashboard will show statistic on total sale placed, market trading volume and the number of items sold. Users can also track recently listed and recent transactions of each NFTs type.

The Marketplace

The marketplace page is where you can find all currently listed items in 9 categories: Fields, Plants, Creatures, Materials, Dyes, Decors, Fashions, Bundles and Islands with several filters to help sort the amount, type and price.

The price of Materials and Dyes are significantly lower than the 3 initial NFTs as players can mint these NFTs in game from eggs and fruits while Fields, Plants and Creatures can only be purchased either from Kawaii Islands or other players. As our marketplace is fully decentralized, we can not determine the selling price, which is fully the sellers' right to set. However, we recommend buyers to DYOR and consider the reasonable price to purchase the desired game items.

Boost Farming

Boost Farming is an option for NFT holders to Farm their essential NFTs while not using in-game and boost the APR with KWT, each type of NFT will have different values (based on marketplace listing prices) with the initial fixed APR of 20% over the NFT price.

In case one is farming more than 1 NFT, they need to multiply the KWT needed by the number of NFTs farming with the maximum limit of 20 times the original APR for each NFT.

Read more on Boost Farming: https://blog.kawaii.global/kawaiiverse-boost-farming-is-now-running-eaa9be77a7db


Kawaii Islands Bonding programs offer liquidity providers to purchase MILKY at a discount and stake to earn high yields. The longer one stake, the higher the APY.

To read more on Bonding program, check: https://blog.kawaii.global/kawaii-islands-bonding-2-0-a-new-incentive-program-for-liquidity-providers-e9eebd8b5b8d

Future Vision

With future updates, Kawaii Islands will add customization opportunity for users to personalize their Marketplace page and join social activities. Furthermore, with the future vision of An Anime Metaverse for Kawaii Islands, the Marketplace will also allow artists and content creators to build their own shops for in-game utilities such as design and sell their own art for game items, character design and more. Stay tuned for the official announcements of these exciting features.

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