After possessing the required items (Fields and Magical Plants), players will be able to start their farming experience with Kawaii Islands.
To start farming on Kawaii Islands, players need to press the Farm Resources button to reveal their resources stock, split into 3 main tabs: Fields, Plants and Creatures. Each tab will display the obtained items with exact quantities.
Fields, Plants and Creatures tabs
To use these items, players simply need to drag and drop them at the desired spot. There are two separate areas for farming Magical Plants and raising Magical Creatures. As the fields can be placed anywhere within the farming area, players can create individual uniqueness for each Kawaii Island with their plant arrangement. Players can click and hold the Field slot and remove a plant, move the Field around, or put it back to Farm Resources.
‌There can only be 1 plant growing on each field at a time and need to be watered to bear fruits. When watering the Magical Plants, harvesting fruits and collecting eggs, players receive special points. Each type of generation gives different points and when the specified number of points is reached, players can obtain upgrade tools. These Upgrade items are stored in the barn and used to upgrade Silo, Barn, increase the queue slot of Dye Machine, Mat Factory and Workshop. In the near future, users can use these tools to upgrade more machines and facilities such as Nurture Lab, Villa room, etc.
With each growing span, 1 Origin plant will produce 1 fruit every 2 minutes, up to a maximum stack of 30 fruits. Nurtured plants will give 1 fruit every 2 minutes with a max stack of 20 fruits. Transient fields can only grow Transient plants, give 1 fruit every 2 minutes with a max stack of 15 fruits. Players can use Fertilizer to get fruit instantly.
Each Creature will need to eat 10 fruits after every 20 minutes. You can also keep pressing the feeding button up to 3/4/5 times to feed it 30/40/50 fruits (depending on the creature generation) at once before closing the feeding pop-up to manage the feeding session better. See the image guide below:
*Notes: If you close the feeding pop-up, you will need to wait another 20' before you can feed the creature again.
If kept well-fed, each Origin creature will lay an egg after every 20 minutes, up to a maximum stack of 5 eggs depending on how many fruits it has eaten. Nurtured creatures require 12 fruits each feeding and hold a max stack of 4 eggs.
Transient creatures require 15 fruits each feeding and hold a max stack of 3 eggs. After product 9 eggs, transient creatures' lifespan will end, users can free them and receive Silvers.
All harvested fruits and eggs will be stored in the Silo. To check current stock, players can click on the Silo building.
The Silo storage limit starts at 150 items. From level 15, players can increase 50 slots each time they level up by using Upgrade tools and Silver.