Dress-up Closet

In this Beta version, players will have access to their personal Closet, where they can dress-up their character with the fashion items they already own. Enhancing diversity and flexibility, Kawaii Islands character avatar is very customizable with a wide range of dress-up categories:

  • Appearance: including skin color, hairstyle, face and facial features

  • Outfit: including top (shirts), bottom (pants or skirts), outfit set (jumpsuits, dresses or other sets that cannot separate top & bottom parts), shoes

  • Accessories: including plenty of accessories such as headwear, facial wears, neckwear, handwear, handheld items, crossbody bags, backwear and legwear.

The most unique thing about Kawaii Islands dress-up feature is that the characterโ€™s gender is totally flexible! Players can freely switch their character to either male or female, and wear the most fitting clothes for each gender. Following this concept, all fashion items would also be classified as exclusive for male, female or unisex based on their traits.

Remember the starter avatar choices when you first entered the game? Great news for our Kawaiians: all of the 3 starter avatar outfits will be provided for free in every playerโ€™s Closet! Everyone can mix and match these items to their heartโ€™s content in the upcoming Dress-up Closet.

The exclusive outfits that players obtain from events or purchase from the marketplace will also be added in their Closet. Get ready and prepare for upcoming features!

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