Magical Fishes

In Fishing Island, there are 13 species of fish living together under the sea, waiting for the brave fishermen to discover and conquer. These 13 fish are divided into 5 levels of rarity:

  • C: Sunglasses Crab, Bottle Mackerel, Sun Starfish;

  • B: Palm Fish, Pineapple Carp, Flip Flop;

  • A: Coral, Colorful Pufferfish, Watermelon;

  • S: Surfing Board, Umbrella Jellyfish;

  • SS: Beach Hat Stingray, Ice Cream Octopus.

The Fish inventory default capacity is 20 slots. From level 20, players can use upgrade tools: Chisel, Paint Bucket, Saw and Gem to increase their Fishing inventory.

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