Different from the pre-beta version, Energy now has more power. Instead of taking eggs and fruits from your friend's isle, Kawaiians can use Energy in main game activities like farming and interacting with friends.
Every player will start with 50 energies in level 1, once used, 1 energy will recover after every 2 minutes.
Total Energy will increase by 1 unit each time you level up and the max cap will reach 145 at level 96. For Engergy get from daily check in or League rewards, players can obtain al regardless of the limit.
Users can receive 30 energies from friends every day, buy Energy with Gems or increase the max cap by purchasing the Premium Ticket. When buying Premium Ticket, the player's Energy max cap will be increased by an additional 20 Energy during that season.
Energy is used in farming process: Water plants, remove wilted plants and expired fields.
Energy can also be spent to revive friends' wilted F3 plants, give them 1 extra life cycle and the helper will receive EXP.