Home Party

In this early phase, players who own a villa/cottage/small home of all kinds can throw a party and invite up to 4 guests. Later on, when the option of unlocking more rooms is available, the house owners can invite more guests according to the number of rooms they have and up to 5 people per room.

The party could be organized publicly or privately depending on the hostโ€™s preference. Passcode can be created for private parties and only those who have the passcode can join. While organizing a party, the host also can go outside to collect eggs, fruits or feed the creature and carry out other tasks without affecting the party and the guests. And one thing to take note, no one has to pay any fee, Home parties are free for our Kawaiians to enjoy and have fun.

Joining the party, players can chat with other guests, make new friends, and expand your social circles. While visiting another playerโ€™s villa, you can also show your support by hitting the like button to appreciate the host' effort in decorating a nice interior. Take a look at our intro video below to have an overview about this new social feature:

There will be more development in later phases such as interacting with decorative furniture and more.

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