MILKY stays as the utility (in-game fees for additional features) and the earning token. MILKY will no longer be minted from the system to send out orders rewards, the rewards will be from players spending, IAP (in-app purchases from traditional players) used to buy back MILKY along with the initial $200,000 MILKY buyback sponsor from the team.

MILKY is a BEP-20 token run on BSC Network. Contract: 0x6fe3d0f096fc932a905accd1eb1783f6e4cec717

New MILKY tokens will be minted and added to the circulating supply when rewarding staking/bonding participants. The game rewards pool is funded from Buy back or players' ingame fee.

Supply of MILKY decreases when tokens are burnt (5% from MILKY fees spend in game)

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