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Kawaii Islands debuted in Sep 2021 with a web version for Play to earn with NFTs gaming items. The project since then launched its

In developing a greater community and a true gaming experience for all, Kawaii Islands or Kawaiiverse decided to change its gaming mode from requiring NFTs to play and earn. Starting March 30, 2022, players will be able to join Kawaiiverse through the first core game, Kawaii Islands through 3 channels:

What's the point of F2P in Kawaii Islands?

First of all, social networking is an important feature of Kawaii Islands to become a metaverse. F2P is one social factor of this feature. With F2P, many public users can try out the game and feel the attraction of P2E feature and are expected to invest into the game and KWT tokens. This strengthens the society and the economy of Kawaii Islands.

Secondly, the Terms and Policies for cryptocurrency-related applications on Google Play Store and App Store are very strict. F2P can make it easier for the mobile release of Kawaii Islands. Moreover, F2P players can contribute greatly to the main P2E users by providing Dyes and Materials at reasonable prices to the Secondary Marketplace. Those Dyes and Materials can benefit other players by saving time in crafting orders and receiving rewards.

How does F2P feature work in Kawaii Islands?

Transforming into Kawaiiverse, Kawaii Islands enhanced our free-to-play features, making Kawaiiverse a truly free-to-join-and-play ecosystem.

  • Every account, old and new gets 2,000 Silvers airdrop to start the game at no charge. To play premium features and earn, players will need to purchase the Premium Ticket (with Gem or MILKY).

  • Most social features will be free-to-play to connect players and the community.

Are there measures taken against hack/cheat/multi-account exploitations?

Certainly. Details on how we avoid hacking, cheating or abusing multi-accounts won't be disclosed as a preventive measure. Many multi-accounts and bots have been detected and banned from Kawaii Islands. Players can refer to our terms of use at https://kawaii.global/terms.

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