Prepping your Metamask - Connect to Kawaiiverse & How to get free transactions

In the initial phase of Kawaiiverse, the gas fee will be FREE for ALL transactions in our subnetwork. However, when one first join Kawaiiverse, they will have to activate their wallet address (same as the BSC address thanks to the integration of EVM technology used for Kawaiiverse). When activate and connect their new wallet to Kawaiiverse for the first time, Kawaiians will need to manually set the fee to 0 in Metamask following below steps:
Step 1: Add Kawaiiverse to Metamask account
In the bottom of the KawaiiScan page at https://scan.kawaii.global, click Add Kawaiiverse button and Approve to save our new chain to Metamask.
As KWT and MILKY will have new contracts specified for Kawaiiverse (similar to BEP20 of BNBChain or ERC20 of Ethereum), we also have 2 easy buttons for KWT and MILKY contracts. In the initial phase, KWT will be listed and applied first for the Marketplace. MILKY will be added later to the subnetwork along with other related features.
Remember to close all tabs running on other networks before add Kawaiiverse Network
Step 2: Enable Enhanced Gas Fee UI
-Go to Metamask Setting/ Experimental and turn on "Enable Enhanced Gas Fee UI".
Step 3: Set Gas Fee
  • When making transaction such as Send ORAIE, at the below screen, click "Market" > "Advanced"
  • Set "Max base fee" and "Priority Fee" to 0.0000000001, check "Always use the values and advanced setting as default" box then click "Save" and close this tab.
  • Hit "Edit" again to recheck, if "Max base fee" and "Priority Fee" value is "0" then everything is done.
Now your gas fee is Zero.