๐Ÿ”ฎThe ever-expanding Kawaiiverse

Surrounding the Community Island and the Hometown area are other Kawaiiverse utility islands. While the Marketplace is familiar to most players for now, we will update it to accommodate the marketplace of all games in Kawaiiverse in the future.

The DeFi Island will direct players to the current aiRight staking portal for KWT and MILKY. Once the infrastructure is completed and our system is ready, other DeFi services will be able to join and open a fully decentralized financial town in Kawaiiverse.

Another island coming soon to Kawaiiverse is our Fishingvilles, where Kawaiians enjoy conquering unique marine life with their fishing skills. This is the first minigame to be introduced to the Kawaiiverse world - Kawaii Fishing.

Adventure Ruins, a faraway fantasy ruins for the brave Kawaiians to explore and fight intimidating monsters with their advanced Magical Creatures.

Another fun stop in Kawaiiverse will be Funland Center, the entertainment center with plenty of real-time minigames, quizzes and interactive riddles that Kawaiians can enjoy solving together.

One unique feature where Kawaiians can both open their own restaurants/cafeterias/barsโ€ฆ and serve food and beverages to other Kawaiians, we call it the F&B Districts.

Being a decentralized project and KWT as the governance token, Kawaiiverse aims to run its important decisions through DAO and test out this feature through Kawaii Islands. DAO governance is the ruling center for this.

A fun land for children to Play, Learn, Develop, and Own while gaming. Kawaii Kids will soon start to nurture the next generation with AI, NFT, and Web3 technologies.

And last but not least, we will have a Creative Studio for players to self-design the game content, and other gaming utilities such as decoration, fashion items, and more through the help of our infrastructure. The infrastructure tools will be a great companion for all creators and studios to focus on the creation part. The old boring part of implementing their art into our Kawaiiverse will be taken care of.

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