The Kawaii Scan

With the launch of Kawaiiverse, the first tool to be introduced will be KawaiiScan with all functioning features for the search engine of Kawaiiverse.

Similar to other chain scan pages such as Bscscan and Etherscan, Kawaiiverse has its own Kawaii Scan, a search engine for transactions tracking in Kawaiiverse. In the initial phase, the main focus of Kawaii Scan is the transactions involving the Kawaii Islands and later on, other games in Kawaiiverse. Kawaiiscan has an user-friendly interface with daily analytic charts and figures, allowing Kawaiians to easily track the token and transaction information. Kawaiiscan is a product that integrates both IBC and EVM transactions, creating an all-in-one tool for Kawaiiverse ecosystem searching. Kawaiiverse will initially run on 4 Genesis nodes, run by the Oraichain and Imba teams. In the later expansion, Kawaiiverse will call for Community Validators.

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