Future plans related to Home Decorations

Beta game is another great step for us in exploring the magical world of Kawaii Islands. There are still many other exciting functions that will be added to the Home Decoration feature. These features are still being developed, we will announce the details later when they are ready.

- More rooms & Villa types unlock: The current available 3-story Villa has 3 rooms in total, 2 of which will be available to unlock in a later update. Following up, more villa types will be added in the future.

- Home Party: Players can host a Home Party and invite their friends over to their villa. Both host and guests will receive bonus buff during the party time.

- Home Stylist Contest: Players can submit one of their Villa rooms for the community to vote. Top Villa rooms with the highest vote count will get rewards.

- Creative Contest: Players can design an empty room with thousands of furnishing designs provided by the system. Let your creativity go wild!

- User self-design furniture: Kawaii Islands is all about community and in the future, artists can design their original furnishings for their own Kawaii shop. If these original designs fulfill the requirements of the gameโ€™s graphic quality format and receive enough support from other players, we can transfer them into game NFTs and people who like these items can purchase them to use in their own villa.

Many exciting features are coming to Kawaii Islands. Stay tuned to join these fun activities and win exclusive prizes together with your friends. See you all in Kawaii Islands!

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