๐ŸšขOrder Delivery

The Order Delivery system is one of the most essential features of the core game loop. Players can earn Silver, EXP, and also trophies of the current seasonal league by completing and delivering orders. Items required for each order can vary from fruits, eggs, materials, dyes to Packed Furniture.

These Orders can be accessed from an adorable Order Vending machine on the Home Isle.

Players with higher levels and players who activated Premium Ticket from Trading Pass will have access to more Order slots, which can boost their progress more efficiently. Order requirements will become more challenging when players progress through higher tiers in Seasonal League.

Once players finish preparing all required items for an Order and start delivering, a Cargo ship will deliver all those items to the clients and come back with rewards.

Players can remove unwanted orders and wait 1h to get a random new order or spend Gem to get a new order instead.

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