๐Ÿฅ‡The Seasonal Leagues

With Premium Ticket, players level 10 and above can deliver orders and earn their way through the leagues. There are 13 tiers in each League season and each season lasts for 21 days.

The first-ever Kawaii Seasonal League started on April 1st, 2022. All orders and league achievements will be reset once the season ends.

To reach the first league namely Beginner, one player will need to fulfill and deliver 5 orders. The orders in the lower leagues will be easier than those in the higher tiers. To reach the next league, players will need to earn the required number of Trophies.

Kawaiiverse rewards system will make sure that at the end of each season, the amount of MILKY distributed to the players in the higher leagues will always be higher than those in the lower leagues.

Apart from the gaming item rewards, the seasonal leagues also reward players with MILKY or GEM.

In the setting box, players will have a dedicated box to link their BSC wallet to their game ID. With those who saved their BSC address to our system, the final league MILKY rewards will be sent directly to their wallet. For those who do not, the MILKY rewards will be automatically transferred to GEM and sent to their game account.

With each order delivered, a new order will pop up right away in that slot. There is NO COOLDOWN time after each delivery. However, if one chooses to not fill one order, they can delete the current order and wait for 1 hour until the next one pops up. This waiting time can be reduced with Speed up using GEM.

Season League Board ranks all players but only ones who bought Premium Ticket will get rewards.

Where do the MILKY rewards come from?

Each game in Kawaiiverse, starting with Kawaii Islands, has its own Game Pool. This is the total prize pool of the game. Each season, we will have the Season Reward Pool that sends out the rewards to players at the end of the season. The Game Pool will fund the Season Reward Pool while the seasonal MILKY spending will also be used to fund the Game Pool, creating an eternal loop for the game's reward system.

Every season (21 days), we will start with a Reward Pool that is sponsored equals 200% of players' spending. The higher the spending, the higher the sponsor will be, and vice versa. The initial Minimum sponsor will be set at 10,000,000 MILKY and the Maximum sponsor will be 100,000,000 MILKY.

Each season, all MILKY is paid as in-game fees (to buy GEM, speed up, buff and feature upgrade), other potential inflows from Minigames, additional social features and IAP (Kawaii Islands team will commit to using a certain percentage of all confirmed In-app Purchases from our mobile players that past the refund period to avoid potential spam purchase and refund request to raise the reward pool) to buy back MILKY every month. This total will be used as follow:

  • 5% will be burnt.

  • 45% will be returned to the Game pool.

  • 50% will be used to fill the Reward pool for that season and reward players in the Seasonal League.

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