Special features

(i) In-channel Chat Box

Keeping the ultimate goal of Kawaii Islands and Kawaiiverse, focusing on building and strengthening the community, Fishing Island will also concentrate on its social features. Each fishing island can hold upto 5 players fishing at the same time and is counted as 1 channel. Our server will be improved to host more players in 1 channel in the near future. Within this channel, players can share conversation with others in the Chat box, adding more fun while playing, and even have the option to open battles for catching bigger fish.

(ii) Convert fish to energy

A feature that our dedicated League players will enjoy for sure, a maximum of 100 Energy can be converted from exchanging fish per day. It is a good way to free your fish inventory and get energy for other game activities.

(iii) Order & League

Fishing is not just a leisure gameplay, it will also allow players to join other related activities like completing Fishing orders to get silver and later, even trophies to race for the league. There will be a new slot in the Order vending machine dedicated to fishing and no limit on how many times one can go fishing a day, giving the best conditions for all players to experience this new feature. However, once integrated into the League, the Fishing orders will be limited and reset once a day. Later, Kawaii Season League, Kawaiians will also race for trophies with their fishing skill, adding a new mysterious hidden indicator to the League.

Other features are also waiting in line to be launched soon, such as a ranking system to honor the best fishermen or a collection book challenge

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