Home Decorating
A function where everyone can freely decorate their home to desired style!
Home Decoration is one of the core features of Kawaii Islands. Simulating real life, our Kawaiians will have the option to use their crafted furnishings to decorate their Villa after unlocking.
UI Villa Interior demo (for reference only)
In this Beta version, the game item pool is expanded up to over 3,400 furnishings in total, coming from the following 13 decoration themes:
Urban Lifestyle
Simple Plank
Rattan Ambience
Vintage Vibe
Natural Charm
Curly Girlie
Country House
Bohemian Look
Childlike Hideout
Streamer Delight
Classy Antique
Doll House
With our massive pool of furnishing items, everyone can have countless ways to choose and arrange the furniture to express their exquisite style and show the world their decorating skill. There will be many activities and events for everyone to play, enjoy and earn from Kawaii Islands Home Decoration.
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