Fishing flow

Feeling easy to cast the rod but challenging to catch the fish is what players will experience in Fishing Island. Starting from finding fishing spots in the Fishing island, anglers need to take a walk around the island to find these spots. The tip is to stop when you see a rod showing up, that's where you can cast your fishing rod.

The cast bar will show all important stats that you need to notice: Lure indicator, catch region, bonus LP dash and countdown time. Lure indicator icon is constantly moving so time-alignment is very important.

To catch the fish, katchers need to press the Cast button when the Lure indicator icon is inside the catch region (Perfect Cast of Cast), the closer it is to the Bonus LP dash, the bigger fish you have chance to catch and also the higher LP point you can earn. Once the fish bites the hook, the battle officially begins. Focus on controlling the Lure indicator and press while it's inside Catch region, or else you will lose bait and earn nothing.

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