Crafting packed furniture in Workshop

All furniture crafted from Workshop is called Packed Furniture, simply serving the purpose of delivering orders and can not be minted to NFTs.

After making enough Dyes and Materials, players will have the option to craft packed furnishings in the Workshop to finish order. As Order is one of Kawaii Islands main features, furnishing also is an essential part of its system.

In the Workshop, players will choose 1 type of Furniture Blueprint and fill up the required Material and Dye empty slots to craft 1 furnishing item. The queue will start with 1 slot and it will take time for item crafting. From level 20, players can increase 1 queue slot each 10 levels up by using Upgrade tools and Silver.

The amount of slots and materials/dyes required for each slot is based on the furnitureโ€™s type and size - and players can freely choose which materials and dyes they would like to fill in the slots. As the outcome of crafting is RNG based on the ratio of ingredients input and the available game items pool, players will have to carefully consider which materials and dyes they should use to increase the chance of getting the items they want.

Crafted result will be based on the available game itemsโ€™ pool - for example if players put in Wood as material and Red Dye as color for the Chair type, they can randomly receive one of the red wooden chairs available in game.

If you want to craft a specific furniture item (for Order's request or any other purpose), please check the item's details and take note of the recommended color and materials as shown in this guideline:

The key to increase your chance of getting the right item is to always prioritize the usage amount of the main material and color of an item, or utilize Lucky Clovers. For example, if the blueprint of that item type requires 1 material slot and 1 dye slot, make sure to always use the recommended material and dye. If the blueprint type of that item requires more slots of materials and dyes, always select the recommended material and dye for the slot with highest quantity.

When players press the Craft button, a confirmation pop-up that shows all the possible result items available for the current materials/dyes input will be displayed alongside with their success percentage. Players can consider proceeding with the Crafting process or not based on the transparent information provided.


  • Each Blueprint is applied for a whole furniture type. It is not the formula of any particular item.

  • The outcome of crafting is RNG based on the ratio of ingredients input and the available game items pool. Please check carefully the items pool for your currently input materials and dyes. It is entirely up to you whether or not to proceed crafting after knowing this information.

This process will cost some gaming token SILVER based on the item's size. The crafted item can be used to fill orders for silver rewards cannot be used for home decoration. The unused packed furniture will be removed after at the end of each Seasonal League.

  • All decor items crafted before 30 March, 2022 are all counted as Decorative furniture. Players who own these items can keep them to decorate villa rooms and attend Home Decor Contest.

  • Packed furniture cannot be used for home decoration and will be wiped from the inventory once the Season ends. However, to limit the failing rates and redundant decor items, the success crafting rates of XS and S sized Packed Furniture is 100%.

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