Upgrade Tools

When watering the Magical Plants, harvesting fruits and collecting eggs, players receive special points. Each type of generation gives different points and when the specified number of points is reached, players can obtain upgrade tools. Players also can buy these tools with Gem. Each Upgrade Tool costs 90 gems/item.
Another related feature is the In-game market. Player can sell and buy Upgrade tool there with the trading currency is Silver. A small amount of Gem is required when listing items.
These Upgrade Tools are stored in the barn and used to upgrade Silo, Barn, increase queue slot of Dye Machine, Mat Factory and Workshop. In the near future, users can use these tools to upgrade more machines and facilities such as Nurture Lab, Villa room, etc.
The slots increased by Premium Ticket perks will expired at the end of that season. Meanwhile, slots which increased by using Upgrade Tools is not affected.
Last modified 7mo ago