Friends List

Players can add each other to their Friends list and visit each other more conveniently.

After adding each other as friends, players can send & receive extra energy daily with their friends. They can also visit their friend's isle to help revive the wilted plants, or seek help from others.

There is also a recommend and search function to help players find friends more easily. They can also manage all pending sent and received friend requests.

Last but not least, the game offers a Referral system that offer special rewards for everyone who invites new players to Kawaii Islands. Players level 15 and higher can share their referral code to newly joined players.

When a new players enter this code in the Referral tab and reach level 15, they will instantly get a Cotton Candy handheld item as a gift. The recruitment progress will be counted for the inviter. With each recruited milestone met, inviters will receive exclusive fashion item reward from that milestone.

This will be the starting point of our Social feature, many other fun activities with your friends will be added later.

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