Setting up Keplr Wallet

Kawaiiverse on Oraichain subnetwork is a Cosmos-based chain with full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) support. With a full set of tools like any other chain, Kawaiiverse assists users with smooth interchain interactions. Due to the lack of interchain support on Metamask, our familiar wallet provider, Kawaiians will need to count on the assistance of of another wallet, Keplr, the first Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC)-enabled wallet and the leading IBC wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem. So, how to add the Kawaiiverse subnet to Keplr? To start using Keplr Wallet on Kawaiiverse subnet, you need to:

Step 1: Install Keplr on Chrome

  • In Metamask, click on your current wallet (the one linked to your game account), choose โ€œAccount Detailsโ€ and โ€œExport Private Keyโ€, type in your Metamask password to unlock.

  • Set up Keplr Extension onto the browser, hit โ€œImport existing accountโ€ then at the drop-down bar, choose "Private key" and import your wallet by using the copied private key of your current BSC wallet.

This action will enable our users to link the Oraichain wallet with their BNBChain address, creating a seamless transition and allow us to sync the data easier and more efficiently.

Step 2: Add Oraichain/Kawaiiverse Subnet to Keplr

Visit OraiDEX Bridge, pprove the popup window adding Oraichain and Kawaiiverse.

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