Nurturing NFTs

What is Nurturing?

Similar to Breeding feature in other NFT games, Kawaii Islands Nurturing is to solve the NFTs supply shortage problem. Aiming to create a community controlled market, Kawaii Islands is steering from the old Items Sale and applying Nurturing Concept to allow our players to self-supply for the economy. Players are able to create and supply (via free-market trading) the 3 essential gaming items: Fields, Magical Plants and Magical Creatures.
How will this go? You can imagine normal breeding with normal plants or creatures, but how does field nurturing even work? Easy peasy, Kawaii Islands is the enchanting world where magic mixes reality, let’s find out how you can nurture your NFTs with us. Note that Nurturing feature involve locking and minting NFTs, you can only use this feature in the web version, the mobile apps will not support Nurturing feature.
Prototype for Nurturing: At the current stage of Kawaii Islands, only the Original NFTs can be used as prototype for Nurturing. Later possibilities of using the F1 NFTs as prototypes can be voted through DAO.

Nurture Lab and Kyle the Gardener NPC

To nurture your essential items, one will need to unlock their Nurture Lab with its certificate. Similar to Villa unlocking one can either unlock the Lab themselves from the system or purchase the unlock certificate from others on the Marketplace (we will announce when the certificate is open for trading).
With this feature, our community will also meet a brand new NPC: Kyle the Gardener. He is an honest and simple-minded guy of few words whom animals are drawn to naturally, who looks after all the creatures, plants and fields nurtured from Nurture Lab in a gentle manner. He will be the one guiding our players through the process of unlocking the Nurture Lab and nurturing process.
To get the Nurture Lab Certificate, one will need to be level 25 and above, submit the required amount of KWT, MILKY, Materials and Dyes (the amount of each requirement will be announced later). The Lab will be open forever as long as that player has the Lab Certificate.

1. How do I Nurture my Original NFTs? How much does it cost?

To nurture Kawaii Islands Original NFTs, one will need to Unlock the Nurturing Lab by getting its Certificate.
Below is everything one needs to get the Certificate from the system. Similar to Villa Certificate, this Certificate will also be tradable on the Marketplace later.
Each player will need to fill the Nurturing slot with the required Prototype, KWT, MILKY and suitable Resources and wait for the new item to mature. Each Nurturing Lab can only nurture 1 item at a time and players will not be able to use the prototype NFT locked in the Nurturing lab while nurturing.
According to Kawaii Islands DAO 1.2 result, Nurturing period can be lowered 12h every 5 levels from 30 ( the higher level, the shorter the the nurturing time, minimum 3 days, count from the min level to open the lab). This feature is under development and will be announced in near future.
Due to the DAO 1.2 result voted by Kawaiians, the level required to access the Nurturing lab is 30. Those who opened the Nurturing lab before the 30.3.22 update but lower than level 30 will need to wait until they reach this level to access the lab again.
All MILKY used as in-game fee are either burnt (5%), send to the current season reward pool (50%) or sent to the Game Pool (45%) to continuously fund the game rewards.
The current Nurturing Cost can be updated later to accommodate the game economy, the decision might be generated through DAO later.

2. Can Rented NFTs be used to Nurture?

No. Due to the nature of Renting, the NFTs are not directly transferred to the renter’s wallet, hence the renters can’t sell or stake these rented NFTs anywhere. This mechanism was to protect our players’ assets and it also prevented the rented NFTs from being used in Nurturing.

3. What about Grass Fields? Can we nurture them?

You can use Grass Fields as a prototype in the Nurturing Lab. However, grass fields, as well as any other limited special Fields in the future, will only generate Common Fields from the Nurture Lab. There is no difference in using Grass Fields or Common Fields as a prototype for Nurturing Fields.
The current total supply of Grass Fields is fixed at 568 NFTs and will not be minted anymore.

4. Do you guys have any way to sort these out in the Marketplace?

There is filter to help users sort Original and Nurtured NFTs. The Origin NFTs have their Origin badges so that users can differentiate them at the first glance.
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