How to trade NFTs?

Player have 2 network connect options: BNB Chain and Kawaiiverse. After logging in to a BSC or Kawaiiverse account using MetaMask or Wallet Connect, "My Account" tab will show the player's current token balance and NFTs stock on the connected network.

During the Alpha game period, Kawaii Islands will run with AIRI, a fully functional token from our strategic partner, aiRight. The token balance will show AIRI and BNB (for gas fee) balances.

After Oct 12, 2021, this page will show KWT and BNB balance. All remaining AIRI balance will still be in players wallet and available to swap to KWT or other tokens on Pancakeswap.

To sell items, players can choose 1 NFT and click Sell NFT. Players have 2 options for sale: Fixed price and Auction. A fixed rate of 5% marketplace fee is applied for every transaction and will be deducted from the amount seller receive. Please type in the selling price with a buffer for the marketplace fee in mind.

Fixed price

With fixed price, simply type in the amount and price. After confirm, the NFTs will be put in the market place for others to choose. Sellers can check their on-going sale posts in the On Sale tab.


For the Auction option, players can put their items on auction for a set period of time. Like many other NFT games, sellers can set the starting and ending price (can be higher or lower than the starting price).

Unlike the familiar style of auction where higher bidder get to buy the item, this auction type apply the slippage over time.

For example, if the starting price is 100 and ending is 200 for the duration of 12 hours, the price of the item will slightly increase from 100 to 200 over this period. The sooner someone buy this item, the cheaper price they pay. On the other hand, if the ending price is lower than the starting price, the later and closer to deadline one buy, the cheaper the cost.

After the auction duration ends, if the item is not bought, it will automatically be transferred to the Marketplace with ending price. Sellers can choose to cancel their post at any time to get the NFTs back to their wallet.

Players can also check transaction history and review past transactions using the History tab.

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