Here is some basic information for Kawaii Islanders to refer to while the game is in Alpha and Beta stages. First, make sure you follow and join all of our official social channels. Follow us across platforms:
👉 Website (http://kawaii.global/)
👉 Newsletter (http://kawaii.global/)

1. To play Kawaii Islands, what accounts do I need to prepare?

You need to prepare a MetaMask Wallet with a BSC account.
(Please note and carefully read the instructions on how to use and secure your wallet at the instructions of this service and NEVER send anyone your mnemonics and Private Key)

2. Why do I need this MetaMask wallet?

Because currently Kawaii Islands is only affiliated with MetaMask. More wallets will be supported later.
To learn more about the use of MetaMask, please actively search for more information on Google with the keyword "What is MetaMask?" Also check out https://docs.kawaii.global/tutorial/marketplace/airi

3. What genre of game is Kawaii Islands?

Kawaii Islands is a multiplayer simulation game with play-to-earn features.
You can participate in various features such as farming, crafting, designing and social networking to mint NFTs and earn tokens (AIRI token for Alpha version until official token, KWT is released).

4. What is NFT? Uses and ways to get the game's NFT?

Non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored in blockchain that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable, usually used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.
In Kawaii Islands, NFTs are items that players can acquire through marketplace purchases and in-game crafting, including Fields, Magical Creatures, Magical Plants, Materials, Dyes, Decoration Items and Fashion Items.

5. What is KWT Token? Uses and ways to get KWT?

Kawaii Tokens are the governance currency of Kawaii Islands, used to reward players for completing in-game quests and to pay fees for other future features.
The token will launch and be used in Kawaii Islands game as well as in the Marketplace from TGE date in October 2021.
Players can obtain Kawaii Tokens by completing in-game orders, selling NFT items, being in the Top 100 of the Leaderboard and through exchanges, etc.

6. What devices can Kawaii Islands be played on?

Currently the game is in Alpha testing phase, so there is only the web version available to play on PC/Laptop.
We have plans to release Kawaii Islands on iOS and Android mobile devices in the future. However, there is no ETA as we will need to solve some adjustments to meet the policies of Google Play store and App store - they have very specific rules for apps related to cryptocurrencies.

7. When will the game have an official version?

Currently, we are still in the testing and finalizing stage of the product, so there is yet to be a specific date for official release. We will announce on all of our official social channels when the most accurate information is available.

8. Where can I see the game's update schedule?

You can go to the website by following the link below to see our roadmap. https://kawaii.global/

9. Where can I buy resource packs or in-game items?

You can trade directly on the Kawaii Islands Marketplace website. Check it out at https://kawaii-islands.airight.io/

10. I want to learn about upcoming features in the game, is there any place like an encyclopedia of Kawaii Islands that I can refer to?

Of course, we have prepared this information for you already. Please find out more details about the game here: https://docs.kawaii.global/

11. What is a Field? How to get it?

Field is an item used to grow Magical Plant. Each Field can only grow 1 Magical Plant.
In the current version of the game, the field type being used is “Common Field”.
To learn more about this item, please refer to: https://docs.kawaii.global/game-play/gaming-items/fields
You can purchase this item in the Marketplace or join some of our events on our community channels to receive this item as a reward (if available).

12. What is a Magical Plant? How to get it?

Magical Plants are special plants grown on Fields.
After planting Magical Plants, you can harvest their fruit every 2 minutes, up to a maximum of 15 stacks. These fruits are used to extract dyes or use as food for Magical Creatures.
In the current version of the game, there are 11 types of Magical Plants available. To learn more about this item, please refer to: https://docs.kawaii.global/game-play/gaming-items/the-magical-plants
You can purchase this item in the Marketplace or join some of our events on our community channels to receive this item as a reward (if available).

13. What is a Magical Creature? How to get it?

Magical Creatures are unique creatures of Kawaii Islands, raised in the Ranch area on your Home Island.
Creatures have 3 states: Hungry - Normal - Harvest
  • Hungry state: Creatures will need to be fed (each type of animal can eat 2 different fruits)
  • Normal state: Creatures after being fed will take an extra time to lay eggs.
  • Harvest: Players can proceed to harvest eggs from creatures. At the end of the Harvest phase, the creature will return to the Hungry state.
In the current version of the game, there are 10 species of Magical Creatures. To learn more about them, please refer to: https://docs.kawaii.global/game-play/gaming-items/the-magical-creatures
You can purchase these creatures at Marketplace or join some of our events on our community channels to get them rewarded (if available).

14. What is "Dye"? How to get it?

Dye is an item extracted from fruits through the Dye Machine. Dyes are required for crafting furniture and can be bought and sold on the Marketplace.
To learn more about this item, please refer to: https://docs.kawaii.global/game-play/crafting/convert-and-extract

15. What is "Material”? How to get it?

Material is converted from eggs through "Material Factory". Materials are needed to craft furniture and can be bought and sold on the Marketplace.
To learn more about this item, please refer to: https://docs.kawaii.global/game-play/crafting/convert-and-extract

16. How to craft furnishings in Kawaii Islands?

Workshop is the place to craft furniture items from materials and dyes in Kawaii Islands.
In the Workshop, players will choose 1 type of Furniture Blueprint and fill up the required Material and Dye empty slots to craft 1 furnishing item. The amount of slots and materials/dyes required for each slot is based on the furniture’s type and size. As the outcome may vary on the ratio of ingredients input, players will have to carefully consider which materials and dyes they should use to increase the chance of getting the items they want. See more details on crafting here: https://docs.kawaii.global/game-play/crafting/workshop-crafting
This process will cost some in-game tokens (AIRI/KWT) as well as the usual network gas fee from BSC. Kawaii Islands does not charge this gas fee, all will be paid to the network provider (in BNB). The product will also be stored in NFTs version and be used to fill orders for token rewards or be traded on the Marketplace.

17. What is “Order”? How to join this feature?

Order is one of the main features where you can collect more in-game tokens (AIRI/KWT).
Each NPC will give a different order, which will contain some furnishings that they need you to build and deliver to them.
You will craft furniture at the Workshop. After successfully crafting and delivering the correct number of items according to the order's request, these NPCs will pay you with in-game tokens and EXP corresponding to the difficulty of the order.
Orders will be delivered by Cargo ship. There can only be one order delivered per trip, delivery time is 5 -10s. After you deliver, the order need to cooldown for 20h before generating new one.
*Note: Only players that own at least 1 Field, 1 Plant and 1 Creature can enable this Order feature.
See more details about Order feature here: https://docs.kawaii.global/game-play/order
As this is one of the most important features of Kawaii Islands, it will continuously be looked into and improved in the future.

18. What are Eggs?

Eggs are not NFT items. Each Magical Creature you raise will spawn that species' egg. This is the ingredient to convert into materials in the Material Factory.

19. What are Fruits?

Fruits are not NFT items. Each type of Magical Plant that you have planted will give one kind of fruit, harvested simply by dragging the basket toward the plants. This is the material needed to make the colorful Dyes.

20. Regarding Gas Fee

Activities in the game will include both off-chain and on-chain (with gas fee) activities.
Off-chain activities including farming, feeding, harvesting will be gas free.
Players will have to pay some gas fee to mint NFTs. Claiming NFT airdrops from the marketplace will also require some BNB gas fee as this is also an NFTs minting process. For example, when obtaining NFTs such as materials, dyes, furniture items,...
Kawaii Islands does not charge this fee, all will be paid to the network provider (in BNB). We are working on a solution to reduce the time you need to mint things so overall lower the gas. Since updating related tasks to reduce gas fee affect the whole game loop, we need a certain amount time to consider and rewrite codes etc, please be patience. Please stop minting the NFTs if the gas showed up too high. We will update on the solution when it's ready.
0.4BNB gas means that there is some error (either the item is sold or another issues), please do not confirm, just cancel the transaction.

21. What is the NFTs limit for each wallet?

Each wallet can hold a maximum of 20 fields, 50 plants and 50 creatures. As for materials, dyes, furnishings and fashion items, there is no limit.
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