Free-to-play feature
About F2P element in Kawaii Islands

What's the point of F2P in Kawaii Islands?

First of all, social networking is an important feature of Kawaii Islands to become a metaverse. F2P is one social factor of this feature. With F2P, many public users can try out the game and feel the attraction of P2E feature and are expected to invest into the game and KWT tokens. This strengthens the society and the economy of Kawaii Islands.
Secondly, Terms and Policies for cryptocurrency-related applications on Google Play Store and App Store are very strict. F2P can make it easier for the mobile release of Kawaii Islands. Moreover, F2P players can contribute greatly to the main P2E users by providing Dyes and Materials with reasonable price to the Secondary Marketplace. Those Dyes and Materials can benefit other players via saving time of crafting orders and receiving rewards.

How does F2P feature work in Kawaii Islands?

The upcoming F2P feature is not completely "free" but having its constraints and limitations.
  • In collecting eggs/fruits, F2P user needs Energy amount; the maxinum Energy for each user is 10 at a time and it requires 1 hour to refill 1 Energy portion.
  • Collecting 1 fruit requires 1 Energy portion.
  • Collecting 1 egg requires 10 Energy portions.
  • Converting eggs and fruits into Dyes (avg. 50 fruits) and Materials (avg. 5 eggs) requires a small amount of BNB as gas fee, spamming accounts will not earn much compare to what they have to invest, like using multiple devices and transferring BNB to all those spam accounts.
  • Crafting furnishing items costs both tokens and gas fee.
Besides, F2P user who doesn't hold the essential NFTs (1 creature + 1 fields + 1 plant) won't be able to enable Order Delivery, consequently, can't receive some kinds of rewards from P2E pools. Their converted Dyes and Materials are, however, tradable on Marketplace. This is expected to benefit both main P2E and F2P users.

Will my assets be affected by having F2P users come to my island and collect my fruits or eggs?

Not at all. F2P users can collect any fruits/eggs from any islands of other players without affecting the owners' assets. In the future, there'll be a bonus reward for the owner whenever their friends collect the fruits/eggs on their isle. This additional social benefits are being designed and implemented.

Will there be measures taken against hack/cheat/multi-account exploitations?

Certainly. Details on how we avoid hacking, cheating or abusing multi-accounts won't be disclosed as a preventive measure.
Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We always welcome all comments and suggestions from the community. The Alpha version will give us a significant data statistics regarding users and economy in game. We'll adapt in Beta game. In later versions of Kawaii Islands, community and KWT tokens can vote changes of policies via DAO governance.
Last modified 3mo ago