Kawaiiverse - One year of big steps

Dear Kawaiians,
What a year it has been for Kawaiiverse and our community!
Up until this moment, we have had some great times along with challenging periods where the team and the community supported each other through and through. To celebrate the first anniversary of Kawaiiverse, since late September, we started sending out multiple events for our Kawaiians, from the Special Decor contest, 1 month of 100% Revenue Sharing, In-game present package for every player to the introduction of the Fishing Island this morning. And let’s not forget about the Mysterious Golden Box that sends out fishing rods and Exclusive Fashion NFTs. We couldn’t have gone this far without the support of our beloved investors and community. Today, with great appreciation and anticipation for the future, we mark the official first year of Kawaiiverse.

We started with Kawaii Islands…

Kawaiiverse, or Kawaii Islands first publicly announced itself back in August last year through the fundraising news led by MapleBlock and Signum, 2 great VCs in the blockchain sphere along with many other well-known VCs. Our first original product, Kawaii Islands, was quickly released one month later, on September 30 with the first alpha version on web. Remember those early days? You must have. Every dye and material had to be extracted on-chain, the amount of BNB Kawaiians spent on paying BSC gas was so great, we made it to the top 5 active Dapps on BSC (BNBChain). Unlike many others, we started with a working game before officially launching our governance token, KWT.
The decision was made from our years of gaming development experience, which we knew would be hard to balance the game economy right off the bat. KWT was set to launch on October 12, 2021, and in this period, Kawaii Islands achieved many wonders with our community. We were going fast, and maybe too fast for the health of our precious KWT.
At the peak of the market, the one token model may work for a while. However, how to achieve economic balance and fight against inflation is still a hard question to solve and we tried to update the game balance several times, burn craft fees in KWT bi-weekly, promote staking and NFT Boost Farming options,... From letting players run orders freely all day (and yes, some stayed up for 24 hours straight in peak times like X2 reward week) to restricting down to 3 orders a day, protecting both the health of KWT and our players. The inflation and selling pressure are once again big problems for Kawaii a few months in.
In order to create a more sustainable economy for Kawaii Islands and Kawaiiverse, MILKY, the gaming token was introduced. Following the suggestion of many community members, the economy was updated quickly along with many new game features such as Home Decorating and Nurturing. Never stop trying to improve and bring a better gaming experience for Kawaiians, Kawaii Islands mobile apps and the third economy update was released along with new features like Fashion Shop, Home Party, and last but not least, Fishing Island which was introduced today. Kawaii Islands is now running on both BNBChain and our own blockchain subnetwork, Kawaiiverse with 0 gas fee, convenient UI and smooth transactions.
Going steady with gaming activities, Kawaiiverse also has many community events to promote creativity and bonding among our Kawaiians. The tax earned from 5% MILKY selling transactions is also saved to fund the community events. Funded airdrops with Kawaii partners for our community members. And how can we forget about the bi-weekly revenue-sharing schedule. Since the early beginning, Kawaiiverse has been sharing 20% of our Marketplace Revenue with our KWT holders, and it has never stopped ever since. Through these activities, we always hope to share love and appreciation toward our community of loyal Kawaiians. Through the ups and downs, we can stick together and be confident in our vision of continuing to build the Anime Metaverse for everyone, everywhere. Kawaiiverse, the Anime Metaverse is just starting with Kawaii Islands and for sure not stopping here. After 1 year of continuously working together with our community in developing and stabilizing Kawaii Islands, we will continue to develop other services for Kawaiiverse while maintaining our core game.

And this is just the beginning of our journey

With the vision of building the Anime Metaverse where its core values are the people and the community, Kawaiiverse always try to bring smooth experiences with innovative technology. Kawaii Islands is and always will be our first and core game, but we are not stopping with just one game or two. Being in the Web3 and Blockchain world, decentralization & creative value preservation are two aspects of the main focus. Letting the community participate in, from the smallest activities to those with bigger impacts. And we will strive faster toward that direction in the coming months, focusing on building Web3 infrastructure and advocating for ownership rights while increasing utility for KWT.

Ownership and Intellectual Property

In the pre-Web3 era, ownership is one important element that is neglected in many areas or applied within a small range. Moving toward Web3, more and more people are paying attention to advocating for Ownership and Intellectual Property. Kawaiiverse is no different. In the last few months, our research team has focused on this area and developed the general standard and practice for Kawaiiverse resources. The update mechanism for Ownership and IP rights is being completed and finalized to be reviewed by our lawyers before presenting to the public.
Kawaiiverse NFT systems will focus on protecting the creator and owners’ rights on their assets, creating a fairer system that promotes creativity and transparency.

Kawaii Games and the Kreate system

As previously mentioned on several occasions, we are also developing creators' tools to support game developers all around the world. In building a greater community and connecting people, Kawaiiverse’s tools will support any community members in creating a full game or Anime/Manga related content, from combining their arts into our system to generate NFTs, to developing games for others whether one knows how to code or not. Yes, it’s true. In the later phases, the creators will be able to utilize our apps and community resources to make games at ease without having to code. This will help Kawaiiverse breakout to normal users and grow our community creativity with simple-to-use tools.

New DAO Mechanism - More community focused

DAO is essentially a great mechanism for the community to take part in important decisions. However, the usual mechanism requires a large amount of tokens for one’s voice to be heard, and many good ideas might be scrapped if the voting power is not sufficient. In the new mechanism, the suggestions and ideas that we normally see in discord will be shown in our DAO page, people who share the same thinking can add their voting power to the proposal and push its rank higher in the suggestion chart. Once reaching certain levels of attention and/or voting power, the DAO proposal will be officially presented to the community and voted on. This is just one example of the new DAO system for Kawaiiverse, we will work on this and present to our community once ready.
1 year, 2 networks (BNBChain and Kawaiiverse), 3 economy models, multiple gaming events and 20 major game updates along with dozens of minor update versions, we sure have come a long way. Kawaiiverse will not just stop with Kawaii Islands, we will continue to improve and bring more useful applications and services to maintain and expand our Kawaii community. MILKY listing on OraiDEX and another special news for our community are coming soon. More to come in the future, stick with us to see if the miracle of creating a true Anime Metaverse can come to life. Thank you and Happy anniversary!
— — — — — — — —

About Kawaiiverse

Kawaiiverse (Kawaii Islands) is a collaboration between Imba Games Studio, a leading game development studio with over 14 million customers from more than 7 years of game development experience and strategic partner Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered data oracle and AI Layer 1 in the Blockchain sphere. Kawaiiverse is set to grow into an Anime Metaverse, where magic mixes reality and everyone can play, create, connect and earn. With the core game Kawaii Islands, Kawaiiverse is expanding rapidly with its own subnetwork with low fees on Oraichain, the second game Kawaii Fishing Saga and multiple exciting events lined up. Join us in the adventure of the world first Anime Metaverse, Kawaiians!